Hot Drinks, Backcountry (Max Southam)

12 servings
Tea Bags
16.0 whole
hot cocoa mix
400.0 gram(s)
Apple Cider Mix
8.0 whole
Coffee, Starbucks Instant packet
6.0 whole
Drink mix, like Gatorade
1.5 ounce(s)

Recipe Instructions

-These are hot drinks for one morning and one night.
-You should adjust for the number of coffee drinkers.
-If you use ground (real) coffee beans, 1 lb. of ground coffee makes ~48 cups of 6 oz cups of coffee (or ~24 cups of 12 oz mugs of coffee)
-One mug of hot chocolate is ~32 grams of powder, so 400 grams (454 grams = 1 lb.) is enough for 12 people to each have one mug, either in the AM or PM but not both.