Wholesum. Our Story

Save time. Save money. Reduce food waste.


Founded in 2016, Wholesum is an online tool that helps streamline group menu planning: Manage dietary restrictions, generate shopping lists, and scale recipes to meet your group size.  We've served users from a variety of sectors: outdoor education, rafting, B&Bs, ranches, summer camps, and personal chefs.




We love to eat, so food is often on our minds. From two very different worlds - outfitting camping trips and childhood nutrition - we found a common link: planning meals for large and varied groups is difficult. It takes time to plan, shop for, and prepare those meals, and wasted food is not only a drain on the bank account, it also takes a toll on the systems that grow, process, supply, and dispose of it.

Co-founders Grace and John knew they could do better than a clunky excel spreadsheet, and the process of software development began. Keeping an eye on technology that made the math behind Wholesum Food Calculator less of a forefront tool, and more of a behind-the-scenes wizard, we have tried to design an application that makes meal planning fun and easy.

Whether you're an outfitter looking to streamline menu planning for trips, a summer camp aiming to simplify your kitchen, a caterer that wants to lean on the power of software, or an event coordinator aiming to reduce food waste, Wholesum can help!


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