Save time. Save money. Reduce food waste.

Dietary restrictions

Add or exclude meals based on the dietary restrictions

Group size

Adjust recipes and shopping list based on group size

Estimate costs

Keep track of costs per recipe, per group or per serving

Calendar planning

Easily organize your meals by date and category

Recipes and menus that are a perfect fit

Adjust for group size & dietary restrictions

One of the hardest things to accommodate as a menu planner is adjusting recipes and shopping lists for group size and dietary restrictions.  Automatically incorporate dietary restriction calculations and scale recipes and shopping lists up based on the group size.  In a matter of minutes, you'll have a complete and accurate list of what needs to be purchased or packed for your group covering all of your bases:  group size, dietary restrictions and even varying appetite sizes!

Use your favorite recipes

Create your own recipes from scratch for use in all of your meal plans.   Include preparation instructions, store purchase, any potential allergens or use custom tags to group recipes together for future sorting.   You can also quickly import any recipe from the recipe collections that other Wholesum user have shared.  Yum!

PDF or Excel Shopping Lists

Once you've selected your group size and meal served, easily export a shopping list into your favorite format:  PDF for easy printing/emailing or Excel for sorting and manipulating.  One click and you're done!

Generate shopping lists and packing lists

Drag & drop calendar planning

Make planning your group menus a piece of cake with Wholesum's drag and drop calendar grid. Select your dates, use your favorite recipes and create a multi-day meal plan in a matter of minutes. Use variations the same meal plan for multiple groups? No problem, once you've built one meal plan, it can be cloned and adjusted for future groups or dates.

Track costs

Need to keep closer track of what each meal, group or recipe is costing you and your organization?  No problem.  Each ingredient can be assigned a cost which will flow through to any recipe or meal plan using that ingredient.

iPhone & Android Apps

On the go?  All of your meal plans are accessible through the FREE iPhone or Android app so that you can access the shopping list and check items off from your phone in the store.  Divide and conquer the task of shopping with synced data from the cloud. Download the  iPhone and Android once you've setup your first meal plan through the online Wholesum platform.

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