Potato Cheese Patty (BOAT - ML)

1 servings
potato powder
0.3 cup(s)
0.6 cup(s)
margarine or butter
0.3 tablespoon(s)
1.0 pinch(es)
onion, dried, optional
0.5 tablespoon(s)
powdered milk
0.25 cup(s)
veggies, dehydrated (optional)
1.0 tablespoon(s)
1.5 tablespoon(s)
1.0 tablespoon(s)

Recipe Instructions

Boil water with onions and vegetables, then add potato powder and start stirring. Once it has a mashed-potato consistency, add cheese. Stir it to begin the cheese melting, but turn off the heat and let the mix cool. Add rehydrated vegetables (and spices!) as desired.

Mix in all other ingredients except for flour and your fry-liquid into a firm dough.

Roll this in the flour to dust it lightly, then fry it until each side is crispy and brown.