Dutch Oven Banana Bread (Dutch Oven)

1 servings
Bananas - Very Ripe
5.0 whole
2.0 cup(s)
1.0 cup(s)
2.0 whole
vanilla extract
1.25 teaspoon(s)
baking soda
1.25 teaspoon(s)
1.25 teaspoon(s)
1.75 cup(s)
chocolate chips
1.0 cup(s)

Dietary Restrictions
Wheat / Gluten

Recipe Instructions

Recipe Per Dutch Oven. Scale per Dutch

Peel the bananas and mash them up in a mixing bowl until smooth. Stir the melted butter. Add baking soda, salt sugar beaten egg, vanilla extract and flour and chocolate chips. Give it all a good mix.

Grease an 12” Dutch oven liberally. Pour batter into oven.

Bake for 45 minutes using 6 coals beneath and 14 coals on top to get 350 degrees. The bread is done when a toothpick inserted into the center come out clean. Remove the DO from the coals and let it cool uncovered for a few minutes.

Remove the bread from the oven by inserting a flexible spatula around the sides of the oven. Invert the oven onto a plastic plate, allowing the bread to drop out. Invert onto a second second plate or small cutting board and allow to cool further before serving.