Red Curry with Beef

10 servings
red curry paste
3.5 ounce(s)
beef, freeze dried
3.0 cup(s)
broccoli slaw
8.0 cup(s)
cream, powdered equivalent
1.0 cup(s)
rice, boil-in-bag
3.0 bag(s)
potatoes, shredded, dried
10.0 fluid ounce(s)

Dietary Restrictions

Recipe Instructions

1. At home: dehydrate the broccoli slaw until slightly leathery.

2. In the field, cover the bags of rice with water and bring to a boil. Cook for 2 minutes and carefully remove the bags. Keep warm.
3. Add freeze dried beef, broccoli slaw and potato to the hot water. Add more if needed to just barely cover it.
4. Cook until veggies are soft.
5. Add curry paste and powdered cream.
6. Serve over rice.