15 servings
Black Beans
4.0 can(s)
Kidney Beans
3.0 can(s)
Tomato Paste
2.0 can(s)
Diced Tomatoes
2.0 can(s)
Garlic Head
1.0 whole
1.0 whole
2.0 can(s)
3.0 whole
Ground Beef
2.0 pound(s)
Sour Cream
1.0 package(s)
Shredded Cheese
1.0 package(s)
Tortilla Chips
1.0 bag(s)
2.0 whole
Cornbread mix
1.0 package(s)
3.0 dozen(s)

Dietary Restrictions

Recipe Instructions

Ingredients: Tomato paste, Sour cream, Zucchinis, Kidney beans, Black beans, Ground beef, Jalapenos, Tortilla chips, Garlic, Diced tomatoes, Shredded cheese, Onion, Corn
**In winter: Pre-heat oven to temperature noted on the cornbread package & Mix cornbread mix and bake per package instructions**

1. In large pan, sauté your ground beef until brown.
2. While beef is cooking, chop your zucchinis, onion, and garlic. Chop your jalapenos into small pieces, if your group is feeling spicy feel free to add half to your chili and leave the rest for toppings. Otherwise leave all jalapenos for topping.
3. Once veggies are chopped, place in large pot. Adding all beans, tomato paste, corn, and diced tomatoes and mix. Add water as needed.
4. Add spices to taste: Cumin*, Chili powder*, cayenne, black pepper, salt, and garlic powder. *These spices are essential to classic chili flavor so don’t be afraid to go heavy with these spices.
5. Once beef is cooked, drain the beef and add to large pot. Allow the chili to simmer for at least 10 minutes – adding more spices as needed.
6. Serve with tortilla chips, jalapenos, cheese, and sour cream and enjoy!