Purchase Unit Conversion

When creating your recipes, sometimes the units used in your recipes are't the same unit as that you use to purchase. 

Say, for example:

  • Rice: you have a recipe that calls for 10 cups of rice.  When you get to the the grocery store you don't want to shop for 120 cups of rice; you likely buy rice by the pound. 
  • Olive Oil:  You might measure olive oil by the cup to tablespoon, but purchase by the bottle.
  • Bulk Purchases:  Many companies buy food by the case rather than the single box or package.

With purchasing unit conversion you can keep your recipes in one unit and convert them to a purchasing unit.  Navigate to Ingredients and click on the "i" symbol on the right of each ingredient to load the information panel.  At the bottom you can enter a conversion unit.

Make sure that the columns for purchasing unit and purchasing quantity are turned on in your settings under "Export settings" so that the new converted unit is visible on your spreadsheet or PDF.