Beef Tender-Mash (instant)

30 servings
White Wine (750 ml)
5.0 bottle(s)
Beer - PBR
60.0 can(s)
La Croix/ Soda
30.0 can(s)
Olive Oil
1.0 cup(s)
Beef Tenderloin
30.0 whole
Salt (to taste)
3.0 tablespoon(s)
Pepper (to taste)
3.0 tablespoon(s)
Steak Seasoning
0.5 cup(s)
Red Wine (750 ml)
5.0 bottle(s)
Horseradish Root
1.0 whole
Sour Cream
1.0 pound(s)
Mashed Potatoes (Instant)
1.0 box(es)
Milk (whole)
1.0 gallon(s)
1.0 cup(s)

Recipe Instructions

Prepare mashed potatoes per box instructions in a DO
Let steak come to room temp, run with olive oil and steak rub (or just salt & pepper) Grill over coals or on hot skillet (if no charcoal restriction) to order, rare to med-rare. Mix Horseradish into sour cream and stir, offer as condiment on the side.