Tracking Cost Estimates

If you’d like to keep track of cost estimates for your ingredients (FOR PROFESSIONAL & ENTERPRISE USERS ONLY), click on the calculator symbol next to each ingredient:

To assign a cost to an ingredient, you’ll need to define two pieces of information:

  1. Quantity: The quantity in which you purchase this ingredient. For example, if the ingredient is “Vegetable Oil” and you typically buy 2 liter bottles, you would select “2” and “liters.”

HINT:  The units available for selection during this step will be locked to the “unit type” used in the recipe(s).  For example, if vegetable oil is measured in volume in the recipe, you will need to select the volume purchased (not weight) in order for the cost calculations to work as expected.

  1. Cost: Next you would define your average cost for this 2 liter quantity of vegetable oil.

Assigned costs will be calculated will be visible in 2 helpful ways locations after being saved:

First – at the bottom of each saved recipe, you will find a cost per serving as well as a cost per recipe (for the default serving size)

Second – in each meal plan and shopping list you will see estimates for each recipe given the final quantities.  This is visible online as well as in the PDF and Excel exports