Managing Duplicate Ingredients

We're thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature in Wholesum: the Duplicate Ingredient Tool. Say goodbye to ingredient clutter and streamline your recipes effortlessly. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process step by step.

Identifying and Merging Duplicate Ingredients

Option 1: Automatic Duplicate Check

  1. Navigate to "My Ingredients": After logging into your Wholesum account, click on "My Ingredients."

  2. Check for Duplicates: Locate the "Check for Duplicates" button and give it a click.

  3. Review Duplicates: The tool will automatically identify duplicate ingredients. Review the list to confirm the duplicates.

  4. Merge Ingredients: Follow the prompts to merge the duplicates. You'll have the opportunity to adjust units and quantities as needed across your recipes.

  5. Click Merge: Once you've fine-tuned everything, click the "Merge" button to consolidate your ingredients.

Option 2: Manual Duplicate Selection

  1. Navigate to "My Ingredients": Head to "My Ingredients" as before.

  2. Select Duplicates: Manually select the ingredients you'd like to merge by checking the boxes next to them.

  3. Merge Ingredients: Follow the prompts to merge the selected duplicates, adjusting units and quantities across your recipes as necessary.

  4. Click Merge: When you're satisfied with the adjustments, click the "Merge" button to complete the process.