Managing Duplicate Ingredients

It's always important to have a nice, orderly shopping list without extra or redundant ingredients (eg. Garlic cloves, Cloves of Garlic, Garlic bulbs...etc).   For that reason, it's imperative that when you create your recipes you think carefully about the naming conventions that you'd like to use in your ingredients (as seen on the shopping list).

When you're adding an ingredient to a recipe, Wholesum will prompt you to have a look at existing ingredients (see below for an example) to make sure you don't add duplicates.  If you pick an existing ingredient from this list you will be locked to that ingredient type.  For example, if other recipes serve "Brown Rice" by the cup, you will not be able to add Brown Rice in a weight unit.  You will need to use something compatible with cups (eg. Another volume unit).

In the event that you end up with duplicate ingredients across recipes and want to do a little cleanup, we recommend the following:

1.  Go the Ingredients page and find the "Meals" column to see where each ingredient is used.

2.  Find the duplicate ingredient with the fewest places used (or in the unit type that you would like to avoid) and open each recipe in a different tab (Hold CTRL and click the link to open in a new tab).  If the duplicate units are exactly the same spelling, add "duplicate" after the name of the ingredient you'd like to remove and click save at the bottom of the page.

3.  On each recipe, add the desired ingredient and remove the duplicate, then click save.

Once you've done the above for each recipe containing the duplicate it will no longer appear in your list of options.