Managing Ingredient Details


The “Ingredients” section of the Wholesum Food Calculator is completely optional, but does offer an opportunity to provide more information and more value to your shopping list and meal planning.  As you create your recipes, the “Ingredients” list will automatically populate with a list of all  of your ingredients in all of your recipes


There are 4 pieces of information that you can save for each ingredient:

  • Inventory & Purchasing Notes: For any ingredient, you can add notes to help the shopping list user/purchaser with additional information about how to purchase that given ingredient. Some examples of how this might be used:
    • Quantities: If you keep an inventory of commonly used ingredients, you may find it helpful to manage available quantities from within the Inventory and Purchasing Notes (e.g. 10 boxes available in basement)
    • Brand / Type: If there are specific package sizes, brands or types of the ingredient that you’d like the purchaser to know about, information here can help guide the purchasing process (e.g. purchase generic brand)
    • Delivery Dates: If timing is an important part of your purchasing process, you can provide notes on when to purchase (or when delivery happens) here as well (e.g. Purchase less than 2 days before serving)
  • Store: Indicate the store at which the ingredient is purchased here. The final shopping lists will be automatically sorted by store to make shopping trips more convenient.
  • Department: Choose one of the pre-defined store departments to give even further guidance to where the shopper might find the ingredient. In addition to being sorted by store, the shopping list will be sorted by department to streamline shopping trips.