Quinoa Salad Prepared

30 servings
Quinoa (uncooked)
5.0 cup(s)
Garbanzo beans (15 oz)
2.0 can(s)
Bell Peppers - Tri colored
3.0 whole
Olives - Kalamata
2.0 cup(s)
1.0 tub(s)
4.0 whole
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1.0 cup(s)
Kosher Salt (to taste)
2.0 tablespoon(s)
Pepper (to taste)
2.0 tablespoon(s)
Fresh parsley
1.0 bunch(es)
Red Onion
1.0 whole
Balsamic Vinegar
2.0 cup(s)
Chicken Strips (grilled)
5.0 pound(s)

Recipe Instructions

Dice/slice red onion and marinate in balsamic vinegar, set aside. Cook quinoa according to package instructions. spread on a cookie sheet or large pan to cool. Toss with lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper. Dice bell pepper. Mix together quinoa, garbanzo, marinated onions, diced bell peppers, whole kalamata olives. Taste and make sure the ratio of ingredients is good. Top with fresh parsley and serve with feta on the side.