Hi all - We've been hard at work with our development team coming up with a few exciting new features that we're looking forward to sharing in a few weeks.  Here's a quick sneak peek:

  1. Wholeaum AI:  We're jumping on the AI bandwagon to make Wholesum even more powerful.  You can look forward to having AI automatically draft recipe instructions for you, or automatically build out drafts of recipes with simple prompts!  Woo!
  2. Merging Duplicate Ingredients:  We've heard from users over the years that duplicate ingredients have been one of the headaches of using Wholesum.  We're piloting a tool that will help you identify and merge duplicate ingredients when they pop up across different recipes.
  3. Client Users:  Do you ever have the need for your clients or partners to create or edit meal plans?  We're making a new kind of user that will give limited access to just one meal plan or folder so that your clients can actually build or adjust drafts of their meal plans.
  4. Download your receipts:  If you ever find yourself needing to track down a copy of a receipt from Wholesum, you'll be able to access those from within your account soon!


Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks and let us know what else we can do to make Wholesum stronger, smarter and easier!

Happy eating,

John & Grace