Batch Recipes

Batch-style recipes adds some additional functionality to Wholesum by allowing recipes to scale differently.   A good example to help you understand how and when to use batch recipes is to think of a recipe for a cake:

Let’s imagine that you’re baking cake for 15 people.   The standard cake recipe that you have serves 10 people.  You have two options:

  1. Bake 1.5 cakes (normal recipe scaling)
  2. Bake 2 cakes (batch recipe scaling)

Essentially,  batch recipe scaling will only scale the recipe by doubling, tripling, quadrupling…etc the quantities.  There will be no per person scaling.

To turn on batch scaling (enterprise only) head over to the settings section of your Wholesum account when logged in.   Turn the “Batch Recipe” toggle switch to “on.”    You’ll notice now that in your recipes that you can turn on/off the “Scale by batch” function (as seen below)

Specify the “Servings per batch” (eg. 10 servings).     When you create a meal plan it will scale the recipe by batch (eg.  With 11 people it will make 2 batches of this recipe.)

TIP:  Batch recipes are great for “staples” that don’t easily scale by number of individuals (eg. Salt/Pepper/Ketchup…etc).   Add a large number in the “servings per batch” and the quantities will only increase if that number is exceeded.