Hi Wholesum community,

First - Thank you for your continued interest in and support of Wholesum.  It's been so rewarding to see the Wholesum community grow over the past few years and to hear how much easier it's become for you to feed your groups. We're excited about bringing new and improved designs/features/changes to you over the coming months. More on that soon; stay tuned!

Second - We're writing to let you know that for the first time in 5 years, Wholesum is increasing prices on our subscriptions. Since 2018, we've seen our development cost more than double, the cost of hosting Wholesum has increased by 40%, and - as we all know - inflation has hit every other part of the economy. We've made this tough call to ensure that we can cover those costs and continue with our personal support for the long-haul.

For most users this change will only amount to $5 - $15 per month, depending on your subscription level.  If you are one of the handful of users who signed up on a legacy plan (prior to 2018), that increase may be more significant.

Recent Subscribers / Renewals
Prices were updated on Wholesum's website on March 23rd.  Any new subscriptions (or restarting of a lapsed subscription) since that time are already on the new pricing structure. No additional changes will be made at this time.

Current Subscribers
Current subscriptions will continue to renew at the current price until June 1st, 2023 at which time all accounts will be transitioned to the new pricing structure. If your account is currently paused or lapses, the new pricing structure will be applied when you restart your account. For annual subscribers, there will be no new charges until the time of your renewal; accounts will renew at the new pricing level on your renewal date.

Nonprofit Discounts
We also recognize that we have a number of very small nonprofit organizations using Wholesum and we are aiming to be more consistent in our discounting policies for that sector. Effective June 1st, we are offering (or transitioning users to) a 20% discount to any small nonprofit organization. “Small” will be defined as annual revenue under $2 Million, and we will request a copy of your most recent IRS form 990 to apply the discount as is industry norm.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support!  The above changes will help allow us to continue supporting, improving, and streamlining Wholesum for years to come. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

-The Wholesum Team (John & Grace)