Planning Gear and Staples

Though certainly not the primary intended use, Wholesum Food Calculator can also be used to help you plan your packing list in terms of non-food items. For example, you may want to add other items to your shopping or packing list that are not typically found alongside produce or dry goods. Wholesum can actually help with this too!

For example, if you need to bring along specific amounts of toilet paper, garbage bags or cooking/eating utensils, you may want to create different “recipes” whose ingredients are non-food packing items. A few suggestions if you choose to do so:

  • Per person items: For non-food items that grow/shrink with the number of individuals, you can plan easily. Create a “recipe” with a quantity item desired and how many individuals that quantity will serve. (e.g. Ingredient = 1 sleeping bag; # of individuals served = 1).  Then, add it to your final meal plan as needed!
  • Group items: If an item does not grow/shrink with the number of individuals, follow the instructions above, “batch-style” (for enterprise users) recipes with a large “batch size” can accommodate this goal.  For example, create a recipe called “staples” that includes salt, pepper, ketchup, pots and pans (items that don’t really scale with group size.).  Set the batch size above the group size you’d expect to bring.  This will prevent the quantities from ever scaling up.