Substitution Meals

There are essentially two ways to accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies when you have a meal that conflicts with one of you group member’s restrictions:

  • Substitute ingredients:  For example, substitute a gluten-free bagel in place of a normal bagel when serving breakfast.  In other words, everyone eats the same meal, but there are alternate ingredients available.  For information on automatic ingredients substitution, see the help article here
  • Substitute meals:  Occasionally an entirely different meal must be served to accommodate the individuals dietary restrictions (eg. In a group of 20, three gluten-intolerant individuals eat “Rice & Beans” while the rest of the group, 17 individuals, eats Spaghetti and Meat Balls.    In the event you want to substitute a meal, the following process works best
  1. Add BOTH meals to the meal planning grid by dragging and dropping them into the appropriate cel
  2. At the bottom of the meal planning page, under the heading “CURRENT MEAL PLAN”, adjust the column “# of Individuals Served” to reflect the substitutions needed.  In the example above, we would set “Rice and Beans” to 3 and “Spaghetti and Meatballs” to 17.