Rice and Bean Burritos

6 servings
Dehydrated Black Beans
3.0 cup(s)
2.5 cup(s)
1.0 can(s)
0.5 whole
Bell Peppers
0.5 whole
shredded cheese
2.0 pound(s)
Corn Tortilla
24.0 whole
1.0 jar(s)

Recipe Instructions

NOTE: Cook LESS beans and rice if your group will not eat it all! You don’t want to have to carry leftovers. The water ratio for rice and beans is 1:1. So pay attention to the amount written on your bag.
1. In POT#1 (LARGEST pot) soak 1:1 ratio of refried beans to water while preparing fresh onion and pepper.
2. Chop onion and pepper to desired size. In POT#2 (smallest pot) Sauté in a small amount of oil. Set aside.
3. BEANS: Add beans & water (POT#1). Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low, cover. Simmer until water is absorbed & beans are desired tenderness (about 20 minutes!). ADD MORE WATER as cooking if beans are still tough & all water is absorbed. Add cooked onion, pepper, drained corn (see #4) & spices (garlic, cumin, etc.). Heat through. Start w/ small amounts of spices; add more to taste.
4. RICE- Drain canned corn- pour liquid into measuring cup. Add enough water to make the total amount needed for your ratio. (In POT #3) bring liquid to a boil. Add rice; return to a boil. Cover & remove from heat and let sit for 5 min. Fluff with a fork.
5. In personal bowls, 1) make burritos or 2) layer tortilla, rice, beans, cheese and hot sauce. Eat the “fillings” 1st then wipe your bowls with the tortillas for easier cleanup.