Adding Recipe Details

Additional Important Recipe Information:

  • Instructions: If you’d like to include recipe instructions on the final meal plan, include the text
    instructions here. Keep in mind that any quantities referenced in the instructions field, since it is manually-entered text specific to the recipe, will not be scaled or changed; it’s best to avoid quantity references in the instructions.
  •  Meal Contains: It’s important to indicate which common dietary restrictions or allergens may be found in each recipe. This will be a helpful way to select the correct meal for groups that contain one or more dietary restriction. For more advanced substitution calculations, see section 4.3
  • Meal Category: To filter meals in “My Recipes” or when selecting the intended meals for your meal plan, use “Meal Category” to indicate whether a meal is a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or beverage.
  • Tags: Tags are optional, but may be helpful to apply custom labels to each meal that you can
    use to filter recipes later when selecting the correct meal. Tags might be helpful if you have
    different types of groups such as “summer” or “winter.” Also, markers such as “easy” or “no
    heat required” might come in handy during the planning process. Think about your own labels that might be clarifying and define tags during the recipe phase that you might find helpful.