Menu planning for groups made easy

Save time. Save money. Reduce food waste.

Whether you're an outfitter for a week-long camping trip, scheduling your summer camp's menu, catering a big event or planning food for your bed & breakfast, we’re here for you.

Streamline Meal Planning

Easily adjust for dietary restrictions, group size and duration.

Dietary restrictions

Add or exclude meals based on the dietary restrictions

Ingredient substitution

Automatically adjust recipes to avoid dietary restrictions

Group size

Adjust recipes and shopping list based on group size

Meal plans

Create sharable meal plans with recipes

Generate Shopping / Packing Lists

On average, Wholesum users save over 20% on food costs and countless hours of time planning menus.

Shopping list

Create a thorough shopping list for your entire group's meals

Estimate costs

Keep track of costs per recipe, per group or per serving

AI-Powered Recipes

Generate recipes and instructions using artificial intelligence

Calendar planning

Easily organize your meals by date and category

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Mobile Shopping Lists

Bring your shopping lists with you on your iOS or Android device

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