Importing Recipes from – one of the most popular recipe websites in the world – contains thousands of recipes that can be easily imported into Wholesum using the “Add from” button.

There are two ways to add recipes from

  1. Add by URL: Browse the many recipes online and find the one you’d like to import.  Copy the URL (web address) from your browser and paste it into the field and click “add”
  2. Bookmarklet: A second option for adding recipes from is to install the “bookmarklet” into your web browsers bookmark bar so that you can simply click the bookmark while viewing the recipe of choice in order to import into Wholesum.  Drag-and-drop the “Save to WHOLESUM” button up to your bookmark bar and use as needed when viewing recipes.

HINT:  It’s imperative that you make sure that the ingredient name imported from allrecipes matches any ingredients used in other recipes.  For example if you have “Garlic Cloves” as one ingredient in another recipes, make sure you don’t save a new recipe with an ingredient named “Cloves of Garlic” otherwise Wholesum will not be able to aggregate quantities in the final step.  You will be prompted to select ingredients with similar words in the event that it is the same ingredient.  If different types of units are used (eg. weights vs volumes) you’ll be forced to use the type of unit used in previous recipes so as to avoid possible conflicts.